The Best 5 Places to Visit in Scandinavia

The Best 5 Places to Visit in Scandinavia

The northern part of Europe is famous for its natural wonders, hip cities, and winter escapes. Scandinavia is full of beauty and wonder that’s ready to explore. But with so many places to visit and so little time, we’ve picked the best places to consider visiting.

Check out the best five places to visit in Scandinavia.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel – Norway

With the unique construction of the hotel, the Kirkenes used ice from the lake to create stunning rooms with a lifetime experience. The unspoiled nature around the area provides a variety of things to do such as ice fishing and places to explore.

Lapland – Finland

Most of Finland is covered by the taiga, which offers diversity in nature. The north part of the country nearly hits the Arctic circle which allows visitors to experience the Northern Lights in the Aurora Zone. In Lapland village, you can visit Santa’s house and stay in Igloo Village.

Troll Wall in Romsdal – Norway

The Trolltindene mountain offers an impressive wall that hits nearly 1,100 meters. This makes it the tallest vertical rock in all of Europe. As the rock is not solid, this makes it hard to find the route as it is constantly reshaped by nature.

Helsinki – Finland

If you’re looking to go skiing, look no further than in the city of Helsinki. The city is surrounded by forests with over 200 km of trails. With great hills and skating rings, families can enjoy the winter sports. You can even walk on the frozen ice of the Baltic Sea and enjoy the Famous Sauna experience. While plenty of things to do and food to enjoy, Helsinki is always a great place to visit all year around.

Lofoten, Nordland – Norway

What was once a land secret is now known as an incredibly unique archipelago in the north of Norway. The weather is surprisingly warm considering its latitude. It has a rich marine life with the biggest deep water coral reef found on the planet.

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