5 Places to Go With Kids in Scandinavia

5 Places to Go With Kids in Scandinavia

Planning a trip to Scandinavia but not sure where to bring your kids? With its famous Viking heritage, scenic landscapes, minimal design, and endless forests, Scandinavia is one of the most enriched areas in Europe, if not the entire world. There are plenty of places to bring your children and enjoy the trip to one of the most scene parts of the world

Here are five places to go with your kids in Scandinavia.


Does scavenging for berries in the forest sound exciting? Imagine your children running around in one of the finest areas of Norway. Trillemarka Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve with acres of natural land and rare species of tree. The best time to visit is around mid-August with a chance of cloudberry picking.


Inspired by local literature and the favorite, Pippi Longstocking, Junibacken theme park offers a lifetime experience where visitors can enjoy children’s tales. You can visit Pippi’s house or ride her favorite horse. There is a train that will transport you and your family across the land of make-believe and get lost for hours in their bookstore filled with tales.


If you’re looking to search the European skies, the SKYVIEW will transport you and your family to the top of the spherical Ericsson Globe. Known as one of the landmarks in Stockholm, you can gaze onto panoramic views of Stockholm.


Does your family enjoy learning about history? The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is known to captivate the young crown as your family will be transported back in the culture of Norway. The museum offers who of the world’s most complete Viking ships with tombs, tools, boats, textiles, and other fascinating paraphernalia.


Is your child a fan of Legos? LEGOLAND is located in the western part of Denmark as the original Legoland. You will even find the original Lego factory with everything made of the iconic blocks.

Have you been to any of these, please? If not, do you plan on visiting them? Comment below and tell us what you think!